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T-Shirt Contest


Thank you for visiting to vote. You are helping to make a decision of who the winning shirt is for this years shirt design contest.

Please follow the link below to vote.





We are proud to help raise money for the three local pediatric cancer units. (Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, Florida Hospital for Children, and Nemours Children's Hospital.) This is our first year letting children with cancer submit shirt designs, that you (The Public) can vote for. The overall winning shirt will be the official on-duty uniform shirt for Firefighters in October. Firefighters will have the purchase this shirt with their own money. The winning shirt from each hospital will also be available for sale to the public. ALL MONEY RAISED will be shared between the three hospitals.

Winners will be announced on September 3 at a press conference. We will also post them here on our webpage afterwards. Please check back for the results and to see how you can purchase a shirt to help raise money to help local pediatric cancer.


Want to donate today instead of waiting to order a T-Shirt? If so, click "Donate" below. Your donation will be shared with the three local Pediatric Cancer Hospitals.


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Fire Rescue Battalion Chiefs = NO CONTRACT as of yet

The Battalion Chief's have not had a raise and are the ONLY employees in Orange County government to not receive any raise in at least the last 4 years.

Contract negotiations are awaiting the County to submit dates. We have presented our contract proposal, with the exception of wages, and are awaiting to see what the County offers.

Once we have dates, we will post them for you to attend. Remember, these 26 employees are the last if ALL of Orange County to not receive a single raise in 4 years. Lets show them some support.

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The Orange County Fire Fighters has started a new program to help save lives.

We have been rolling out our new "STOP THE TEXTS, STOP THE WRECKS" initiative. This includes a damaged car that can be displayed with signs showing the potential results of texting while driving.


If you know of an event that you would like our program to attend, please contact




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September 9 - Membership Meeting

The September 9, 2014

General Membership meeting will be held at 

7 PM

at the following location:

The Union Office

6828 Hanging Moss Rd, Orlando, FL 32807


Please park in the REAR parking lot area and not in the reserved spots for other businesses in front.


We will have our annual special 9-11-01 tribute.

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We NEED Pictures

The webpage needs pictures.

If you feel you have any great pictures for the webpage, please email them to


We can not promise ALL the pictures will be used, but we will keep all submitted for future use.

Thank you!

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