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Orange County Fire Fighters Association

Attention: All past and present Local 2057 members, you are cordially invited to attend:

Click here for the Flyer

We hope you and your family can make this year's Holiday Party.

This event has many opportunities for fun:

Bowling - Pool Tables - Arcade Games - Darts - Mini Bowling - Food Discounts - Drinks - Friends - Raffle Prizes - Memories - Brotherhood - Great Times - Raffle Prizes

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2017 Cancer Shirts For Sale

The Orange County Fire Fighters Association is proud to work with Orange County Fire Rescue to help fight cancer. Together, over the last four years we have raised over $43,000 to help the fight against cancer for Central Florida residents.

This year's shirt design supports the fight against ALL types of cancers.

If you would like to help fight cancer, click HERE to purchase a shirt.

If you work for OCFRD click HERE to order.


ALL proceeds will be donated to one of the following charities:

The Florida Firefighter Cancer Support Network

Nemours Children's Hospital - Pediatric Cancer Unit

Florida Hospital for Children - Pediatric Cancer Unit

Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children - Pediatric Cancer Unit

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The September Membership Meeting will be held:

September 21 - 7 PM


Meeting Location - 2738 Forsyth Rd

(Middle building - the second from the road)

Nominations will be held at the beginning of the meeting.

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Moving Help Needed

We are moving into our new building... and need YOUR HELP!

Please click the link below and sign up for days you can help. Thank you! 

Sign up here

Our New Address:

6969 Venture Circle, Orlando, FL 32807

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Your Orange County Fire Fighters need your help. Orange County refuses to pay a competitive pay plan, and it is costing you more money by doing so.

How is that the case? Orange County spends a lot of money to train a new firefighter. It takes years to master the skills it takes to save your child from a burning building, your father from cardiac arrest, or your spouse from an auto accident. The county spends a lot of time and money training people, for them to just leave for better paying jobs; taking all of that training and experience with them. 

How bad is it? Compared to like size and similar work performed agencies in the state of Florida, and looking at employees on a case by case basis, we have employees 40-60% underpaid. Example: A 12 year OCFRD Lieutenant (who has been promoted two times) could easily start over as an entry level firefighter for the city of Orlando, work 414 hours less a year and make $1,000 more. His equal in Orlando will make $28,896 more than he will in one year.

What can I do to help? Contact the Mayor (407)836-7370, County Commissioners (407)836-7350, and County Manager (407)836-7366 and demand that they offer a fair and competitive pay plan.


Keep Experienced Firefighters Serving Orange County & Saving Your Family

Above Average Service - Below Average Pay  

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Orange County Fire Fighters Association members

Make sure you LOGON to the website to see Member Only information. 

Please e-mail BillMattox@iaff2057.com if you are having problems with logging in he will route your problem to the proper person.

Password Assistance: Click on the circle with the questionmark in it next to the sign-in area. Clicking will open the Lost Password Request Form. For security purposes we do not maintain or have access to user passwords. 

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