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Nominations for the B7 Steward position will take place at

7 PM at t he July 10, 2018

10 AM at the April 10, 2018  No Quorum

7 PM at the May 8, 2018  No Quorum

at the General Membership meeting at 6969 Venture Circle. 

Due to no quorum at the April 10 meeting, nominations have been postponed to the May 8 meeting. Due to no quorum at the May 8 meeting, nominations have been postponed, AGAIN, to the July 10 meeting.

B7 Steward Jakubowicz has resigned from his position. We wish to thank him for his service. 

Details on voting (if necessary) will be posted by the Elections Chairman after the meeting. 

Bylaws: Article 4; Section 9:

Paragraph D: Vacancies with one year or Longer - When a vacancy occurs in any office, including the office of the president, and there is at least one (1) year remaining in the term of office, a special election shall be held to elect a successor to serve the remainder of the term. Bylaws of the Orange County Fire Fighters Association, IAFF Local 2057 Nominations for such an election shall be held at the next regular meeting following the vacancy. 

Paragraph E: Duty of Stewards - It shall be the duty of each Steward to represent and defend members of the Local through the grievance process, as the President or Vice-Presidents may direct; and to aid in the performance of administrative duties, as the principal officers may direct. It shall be the duty of each Steward, within the area he represents, to monitor and enforce the provisions of contract; to ensure that the terms of the contract are not violated by either Orange County or by the members of the Local; to ensure that both Orange County and the Local are in compliance with all federal, state and local laws & regulations, to the extent that they apply to the collective bargaining agreement; to communicate and disseminate official union policy, memos, and directives to our members in his area; to maintain union bulletin boards within the work areas; to communicate information from the membership to the Principal Officers; and to popularize and promote union consciousness and values.

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We are hosting a Union Building Work Day

March 8, Thursday, from 9 AM to 2 PM

March 9, Friday, from 9 AM to 2 PM


Lunch will be provided

This is to work on the landscaping, and trim up some of trees on our new building. Please use the link below to sign up if you can attend and help. Any help will be appreciated. 

Our New Union Building

6969 Venture Circle, Orlando, FL 32807


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Local 2057 would like to welcome our newest 52 members to our association. This group was our very first union orientation held at our new building. This was also the largest group to attend an orientation. 

Welcome to our newest Dispatchers, Inspectors, and Firefighters. 

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New Address

Our New Address:

6969 Venture Circle, Orlando, FL 32807

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Orange County Fire Fighters Association members

Make sure you LOGON to the website to see Member Only information. 

Please e-mail BillMattox@ocffa.com if you are having problems with logging in he will route your problem to the proper person.

Password Assistance: Click on the circle with the questionmark in it next to the sign-in area. Clicking will open the Lost Password Request Form. For security purposes we do not maintain or have access to user passwords. 

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