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Building Cleanup Day

We will be having another clean-up and maintenance day for the new union building on Monday October 24th, 2016, beginning at 9am and lasting into the afternoon. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. The focus of this session will be:

  • Pressure washing the building, gutters, parking lot, and sidewalks.
  • Trimming Palm trees
  • Removal of shrubs in front of building
  • Removal of irrigation system components not working anymore
  • Repair of wood fence blown over in storm
  • Mowing, trimming, and edging
  • Planting shrubs on west property line.

Anyone wanting to help or willing to loan equipment (pressure washer, chain saw, pole saw, ladders, etc...) please send email to with your contact information and what equipment or labor you can assist with.

A building committee member will get back in touch with you after we receive your email.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday the 24th.

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Please click the link below to purchase the October 2016 Off Duty shirt. 


OCFRD Employees should use the link that was sent out on email by Karinne Donis.

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Your Orange County Fire Fighters need your help. Orange County refuses to pay a competitive pay plan, and it is costing you more money by doing so.

How is that the case? Orange County spends a lot of money to train a new firefighter. It takes years to master the skills it takes to save your child from a burning building, your father from cardiac arrest, or your spouse from an auto accident. The county spends a lot of time and money training people, for them to just leave for better paying jobs; taking all of that training and experience with them. 

How bad is it? Compared to like size and similar work performed agencies in the state of Florida, and looking at employees on a case by case basis, we have employees 40-60% underpaid. Example: A 12 year OCFRD Lieutenant (who has been promoted two times) could easily start over as an entry level firefighter for the city of Orlando, work 414 hours less a year and make $1,000 more. His equal in Orlando will make $28,896 more than he will in one year.

What can I do to help? Contact the Mayor (407)836-7370, County Commissioners (407)836-7350, and County Manager (407)836-7366 and demand that they offer a fair and competitive pay plan.


Keep Experienced Firefighters Serving Orange County & Saving Your Family

Above Average Service - Below Average Pay  

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It is important to support those for elected positions that will help fight for the protection of benefits, retirement, raises and safety for Firefighters. We will update this list with additional endorsements. This list is current as of October 26, 2016.

We urge your support for those listed below:

Florida Senate:

District 11 = Randolph Bracy (D)

District 13 = Linda Stewart (D)

District 15 = Victor Torres (D)

Florida House of Representatives

District 28 = Jason Brodeur (R)

District 29 = Scott Plakon (R)

District 43 = John Cortes (D)

District 46 = Bruce Antone (D)

District 47 = Mike Miller (R)

District 48 = Amy Mercado (D)

District 49 = Carlos Guillermo Smith (D)

District 50 = Rene "Coach P" Plasencia (R)

Orange County Board of County Commissioners

District 1 = Betsy VanderLey (R)

District 5 = Ted Edwards (R)


Orange County Property Appraiser

Rick Singh (D)


Orange County Supervisor of Elections

Bill Cowles


Soil and Water Conservation Group 1

Maria Bolton-Joubert


Orange County Judge

Tom Young

Evellen Jewett

Michael Gibson




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Orange County Fire Fighters Association members

Make sure you LOGON to the website to see Member Only information. 

Please e-mail if you are having problems with logging in he will route your problem to the proper person.

Password Assistance: Click on the circle with the questionmark in it next to the sign-in area. Clicking will open the Lost Password Request Form. For security purposes we do not maintain or have access to user passwords. 

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Starting with the May 10 membership meeting, we will now be using the new building. We are NOT moving in yet, all day-to-day business will continue at the current office.

Regular monthly membership meetings will now be held at 6969 Venture Circle.

(enter the door on the left on side A)

Please do not park in any of  the red areas below. Green is primary, blue is on the grass second choice, and orange is pull in parking on the grass. The current  tenant has 170+ people park to use the building twice a week.

Monthly membership meeting dates and times:

October 10 - 10 AM (Monday - due to conflict)

November 8 - 7 PM

December 13 - 10 AM

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We need you help in continuing this. We are looking for people to attend events in the future. Some we are looking for only a few, some we are looking for many.

Please check this LINK for events coming up. Sign up if you can attend.

Shirts will be provided if you can attend. PLEASE help spread the word. We need you to just attend, sit, wear your shirt. If anyone wants to interview you, contact Scott Egan. NO interviews will be authorized without talking to Scott First. 

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Sign in to the Member's Only area to get the

most recent negotiation information.


Information Updated 5-4-2016

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2016 Orange County Fire Charities Firefighter Calendar



The 2016 Firefighters Calendar On Sale Now!

Calendars are $20 (tax included) plus shipping.

Click here to purchase them -


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